Auschwitz tour and Krakow attractions

Krakow – the city of obwarzanek

Now it’s time to share my memories from the time when I visit Krakow. It’s a real magnet for tourists, and I’m one one of those enchanted by the city of kings.  Beautiful, historic city “of Polish kings” belongs to the most important historical sites in Europe.

Krakow Main Square during the winterKrakow Main Square during the winter

I started sightseeing Krakow from the Main Square, which is an entertainment itself. So many things are happening there! Horse carriages, musicians, actors, performers, little stalls, children feeding pigeons…

If you visit Krakow, you should definitely try ,,obwarzanek” which you can buy in every corner of the Main Square. This simple but delicious bagel is something very typical in here, like ,,oscypek” in Zakopane. Another tasty thing that I discovered during my visit to Krakow, was zapiekanka. It’s somehing like a long and thin pizza and you can choose as many additional ingrediests, as you wish.

I decided to buy an electronic car trip to visit Krakow old city in a fast way. I also saw Kazimierz, Jewish Quarter, once a separate town. It was an amazing trip for me and gave a lot of good tastes! However, I’ve always wanted to go on Auschwitz tour, as it’s something you must see if you visit Krakow for sure. It does have nothing to do with food, not this time.

My Auschwitz tour

When I booked the Auschwitz tour, I didn’t have an idea how big impact it would have on me. Anyway, after few days in Krakow I willingly went to Oswiecim for my Auschwitz tour. Oswiecim is a city around one hour from Krakow. During the World War II it became a place of massive executions, Jewish Holocaust, tortures and fear. Actually, I was shocked when I entered those walls. During the Auschwitz tour, I walked through a gate  with the plate ,,Arbeit macht frei” and felt the thrill from the first moment. Looked through the windows to the barracks, where people were crowded, dying every day from hunger, cold, fear,  tortures. I saw the gas chambers and places where bodies were burned into ashes. Of course, I knew that it would be sad place but didn’t expect that I would react so emotionally. The atmosphere of the concentration camps was with me almost one week after the Auschwitz tour. It made me think a lot and kind of appreciate my freedome more.

I booked the Auschwitz tour with KrakowDirect transfer company and I was really satisfied with the quality of the trip they offer. The guide was really helpful and told me many interesting facts about the camp and its history. I dare to say it’s a ,,must visit” place in Poland. If you happen to visit Krakow, you should really see the museum.

Auschwitz Birkenau
Auschwitz II-Birkenau – brick barrack, around 400 people were living in each of them.